UPV MACH showcases Jose Joya's drawings in new exhibit

The University of the Philippines Visayas Museum of Art and Cultural Heritage (MACH) is proud to present a new exhibit featuring the rarely seen drawings of National Artist for Painting, Jose Joya (1931-1995).

This collection, titled "Hiyas - Drawings by Jose Joya, National Artist,"  is housed at the Hanas Changing Exhibition Gallery 2 and offers a unique perspective on the artist's creative process. While renowned for his abstract oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings, Joya was also a prolific draftsman.

Joya's influence on Iloilo's art scene is undeniable.  In 1975, he conducted a drawing workshop at the then UP College Iloilo, igniting a renewed passion for visual arts in the region.  A pioneer of modernism, Joya was among the first major artists to visit Iloilo and Negros, encouraging local artists to form their own communities.

Due to international travel restrictions during Martial Law, Joya explored the Philippines extensively.  His numerous visits to Iloilo, Negros, and Antique resulted in a wealth of drawings depicting the region's architecture, landscapes, and people.  Many of these captivating works are now on display at the UPV MACH.

The University has steadily built an impressive collection of Joya's drawings through both acquisitions and donations.  This exhibition, curated by Prof. Martin Genodepa, provides a valuable opportunity to appreciate a lesser-known facet of this National Artist's remarkable talent.

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