Transformed by Love Iloilo Mission Trip empowers hundreds with healing and hope

Last April 1 - 3, 2024, RCK Ministries and Beautiful Powerful Women International continued the transformative journey of love and empowerment during the Transformed By Love Iloilo Mission Trip. This three-day mission trip, in collaboration with various local partners, brought forth healing, inspiration, and hope to countless individuals in Iloilo City.

The mission kicked off with a heartwarming Welcome Night hosted by Overflow Church, where attendees were uplifted by the powerful message of faith and transformation delivered by Dr. Ruth Cube Keijdener, founder of Beautiful Powerful Women International and RCK Ministries. Dr. Ruth passionately shared about becoming God's instrument of reform, igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of all present.

The following day began with a significant courtesy visit to Iloilo City Mayor Hon. Jerry Treñas, where the team introduced the mission's initiatives and shared their vision for transformation in the community. The meeting concluded with heartfelt prayers for Mayor Treñas and the city.

A highlight of the mission was the launch of Dr. Ruth's newest book, "The Power of Obedience Book 2," at Festive Walk Iloilo. Attendees and passersby alike were blessed by the worship and enlightening talk delivered by Dr. Ruth, marking the occasion as a celebration of Jesus's Resurrection. Dr. Ruth encouraged everyone to tap the power within us to change our lives for the better. That is the power of resurrection that Jesus gave to us.

The mission's impact extended to Brgy. Tabuc Suba, Ilaya, Jaro, where the team engaged with 80 children, sharing personal stories of hope and Dr. Ruth leading them in listening to the Holy Spirit. The evening culminated in a profound outpouring of love and joy, touching the hearts of both children and their families.

On the final day, a Recharge Session was held with staff from Megaworld at Festive Walk Iloilo. Dr. Ruth started the session with prayers for physical healing, followed by one-on-one counseling and prayer with attendees. The room was filled with hope, healing, and newfound inspiration to shine brightly in their families and workplaces.

The Transformed By Love Iloilo Mission Trip has left an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of hundreds, offering emotional healing, spiritual deliverance, and a renewed sense of hope for a better tomorrow. This impactful mission was made possible through the collaborative efforts of RCK Ministries, Beautiful Powerful Women International, and their esteemed partners.

For more information about future missions and initiatives, please visit www.ruthcubekeijdener.org.

About RCK Ministries:

RCK Ministries is an international outreach ministry that aims to reach the poorest of the poor and be the hands and feet of Jesus with the partnership of fellow believers in Christ.

About Beautiful Powerful Women International:

Beautiful Powerful Women (BPW) is a platform for people to receive empowerment, encouragement, restoration, and revival.

BPW facilitates transformation to individuals, their families, and workplaces. It aims to unite the Nations for Jesus through their events & gatherings.


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