MORE Power's Underground Power Lines project in Iloilo City for completion in 2024

MORE Power's Underground Distribution Services (UDS) project along J.M. Basa Street is nearing completion, with a projected date of June 2024. The project is advancing rapidly, with the civil works, which include dredging and drilling, already 35% complete.

The UDS project covers a one-kilometer stretch of Iloilo City's historic business district, including the heritage zone known as Calle Real. It extends from the corner of Arroyo Street to Aldeguer Street, Guanco Street, Mapa Street, Ortiz Street, Rizal/Zamora Street (Burgos Street), and Libertad Plaza.

The civil works for the project, which include dredging and drilling, are well underway and are approximately 35% complete. According to Engr. Armil Logarta, Head of Project Development and Management at MORE Power, the project is on track and there have been no delays so far.

The UDS project will span a one-kilometer stretch of Iloilo City's historic business district, including the Calle Real heritage zone. It will cover the area from the corner of Arroyo St. to Rizal/Zamora St. (Burgos St.) and Libertad Plaza, encompassing Aldeguer St., Guanco St., Mapa St., and Ortiz St.

The UDS project is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Civil works, including dredging and drilling.
  • Phase 2: Electrical works, including cable laying and termination. This phase is expected to start in January 2024 and run until June 2024.
  • Phase 3: Removal of existing overhead lines and structures.

The UDS project will provide a number of benefits to the city, including:

  • Improved safety: The removal of overhead power lines will reduce the risk of accidents caused by inclement weather, fallen trees, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Enhanced reliability: The underground lines will be less susceptible to damage from storms and other events, which will lead to fewer outages.
  • Preserved heritage: By removing the overhead lines, the project will help to preserve the city's historic buildings and streetscapes.
  • Economic growth: The project is expected to stimulate economic growth by attracting new investments and creating jobs.

MORE Power's President and CEO, Roel Castro, expressed the company's commitment to supporting the city's initiatives, particularly those that preserve the cultural and heritage aspects of the community.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry TreƱas emphasized the importance of the project in reducing the risk of accidents and providing uninterrupted power to the city. He believes that the project will also stimulate economic growth and create a more favorable environment for businesses.

The UDS project is one of the many investments that MORE Power has made in Iloilo City since commencing operations in 2020. The company is committed to providing the city with reliable and affordable power.

This project is a significant step forward for Iloilo City and will benefit residents, businesses, and visitors for years to come.

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