Unveiling Chief Justice Ramon Avanceña's Legacy: A Towering Tribute in Iloilo

Iloilo City witnessed the momentous unveiling of a 7-foot statue honoring former Chief Justice Ramon Q. Avanceña on February 22, 2024. The ceremony, led by Mayor Jerry P. Treñas alongside city officials and Avanceña's descendants, celebrated the exemplary life and dedication of this prominent figure.

"It's a privilege to unveil the statue of a distinguished public servant, Chief Justice Avanceña," declared Mayor Treñas. "This ceremony celebrates his life, his selfless service, and his unwavering commitment to justice and equality."

Sculpted by Ilonggo artist Harry Mark Gonzales, the statue stands as a testament to Avanceña's patriotism and enduring legacy. The Mayor expressed hope that it would inspire Ilonggos to strive for excellence, just as Avanceña did.

Drawing inspiration from past leaders like Avanceña, the Mayor emphasized the role of predecessors in shaping the city's development. "Let us remember the contributions of individuals like Justice Avanceña in making our community a better place," he said. "Together with all illustrious Ilonggos, we celebrate a culture of excellence and take pride in our heritage."

Avanceña's dedication to his nation spanned nearly six decades. Appointed Chief Justice by US President Calvin Coolidge in 1925, he left an indelible mark on Philippine jurisprudence. His landmark decisions continue to resonate within the legal system, earning him the title "Mirror of Justice" among his colleagues.

Avanceña held himself to the highest standards, prioritizing honor and self-respect above all else. He believed firmly in the nobility of serving God and country, a principle that guided his remarkable career.

A district library in honor of Ramon Avanceña is also currently being constructed in Arevalo, the Justice Ramon Avanceña Library. The city plans to build a library in every district of Iloilo City. The main branch of the Iloilo City Public Library is in located in the Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Learning Center & Museum in Fajardo Street, Jaro.

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