Pluxee: Your new global partner in more joyful workplaces

Mert Cetin, CEO of Pluxee Philippines

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines transforms into Pluxee, a digital-first brand focused on personalized employee benefits and engagement solutions.

Following a global initiative, Pluxee builds upon the strong foundation laid by Sodexo Philippines, leveraging its deep understanding of the local market and partnership with SM Investment Corporation. Launched in 2003, Pluxee was already the pioneer and biggest issuer of gift certificates in the Philippines, known for industry-firsts like e-commerce platforms, SMS/email-based gifts, and a rewards app enabling partial redemption and online store acceptance. Today, Pluxee boasts over 17,000 partner brands, including SM Gift Pass and SM Gift Pass Choice.

Introducing Pluxee Gift: Personalized Rewards for a Modern Workforce

At the heart of Pluxee's offerings lies the Pluxee Philippines app, where clients can easily send Pluxee Gift credits accessible through a web portal. These credits offer:

  • Flexibility: Partially redeemable at over 10,000 merchants and in exclusive app brands like Angkas, Grab, Klook, Lazada, Shopee, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: API-enabled for automated incentive programs, with customizable codes accepted at specific brands or for specific products.
  • Physical Option: Pluxee Gift cards with digital codes allow instant in-store usage and can be converted to app credits for additional options.

Beyond Gifts: A Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement

Mert Cetin, Country CEO of Pluxee Philippines, emphasizes their commitment to "unlocking opportunities to enhance people's lives at work and beyond." Pluxee goes beyond gift certificates, covering areas like food, recreation, wellness, and mobility. They empower clients to offer "meaningful, sustainable rewards" that foster a motivated and satisfied workforce, while also supporting merchants and expanding their reach.

Live Joyful with Pluxee: Celebrating Everyday Moments

To mark their launch, Pluxee unveils the "Live Joyful" digital campaign, showcasing how Pluxee Gifts fuel memorable experiences. Sharon Velasco, Marketing Director, explains: "A Pluxee Gift is more than just a reward; it's a personal, immersive experience...an ode to the vibrant and optimistic spirit of Filipinos who never run out of ways to create and spread happiness."

Pluxee aims to be a global partner in creating more joyful and engaging workplaces, and with its personalized approach and commitment to innovation, they seem well-positioned to achieve that goal.

Pluxee invites clients, partners, and the public to explore its products and services, and the  countless joyful moments that these can bring. Watch out for more exciting developments in  store. For more information, visit bit.ly/PluxeePhilippines. For gifting needs, you can purchase  Pluxee Gifts at shop.pluxee.ph, call the Customer Care Hotline at 8689 4700, or email  support@care.pluxee.ph. 

About Pluxee 

Pluxee is the global leading employee benefits and engagement partner that creates  meaningful, engaging, and personalized experiences to contribute to the well-being of  individuals at work and beyond. The company offers a full range of innovative and digital  solutions deployed in 31 countries. From meal and food, culture, gifts to wellness and mobility,  Pluxee’s products and services are designed to bring more value to people. Pluxee promotes  the well-being of more than 36 million consumers. Pluxee accompanies 500,000 clients to  develop more meaningful relationships with their employees and improve their engagement.  Pluxee simplifies the life of 1.7 million merchants every day. Strengthened by its historical ties  with Sodexo, Pluxee with its 5,000 employees is committed to increase its influence as a CSR  leader by giving its clients, partners and consumers the means to make more sustainable  choices every day. 

For more information: www.pluxeegroup.com

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