UPV Art Collection adds four artworks by Ilonggo artists

The permanent art collection at UP Visayas has recently expanded with the addition of four new works created by four talented Hiligaynon artists. The UPV Office of Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA) received donations of artworks from Arel Zambarrano, Anthony Geduspan, Mia Reyes, and Jann Galino in 2022.

Arel Zambarrano, a licensed architect and award-winning painter and sculptor, has donated his sculpture titled “Fruit is Sacrifice” made of wooden pawns, driftwood, painted steel, and concrete. The artwork is now on display at the Taliambong UPV Art Gallery.

Anthony Geduspan, a Guimbalanon artist, has donated a 2x4 feet acrylic painting titled “Bukaw-Bukaw.” The work will soon be included in the exhibition of fishing artifacts in Duna Intangible Cultural Heritage Gallery.

Mia Reyes, a filmmaker and visual artist, has donated the two original pen and ink drawings from her comic book “Humadapnon.” She also donated a copy of Sinda: A Comic Book Anthology by various comic illustrators, and the first issue of Scratch GOGO Ilonggo Magazine.

Jann Galino, a comic book, storyboard, and conceptual artist who does illustrations for international clients, has donated two original pen and ink pages from his comic book “Ranger.”

The works by Reyes and Galino are included in the exhibition at the Taliambong UPV Art Gallery. With these new additions, the UPV Office of Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA) continues to support local artists and enrich the artistic landscape of UP Visayas.

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