Sharing gifts and giving hope through My Dream in A Shoebox

TeamAsia President and Founder Monette Iturralde-Hamlin conducts a storytelling session for children from the  Ascension of our Lord Parish in Parañaque.

Education campaign My Dream In a Shoebox has once again brought cheers and smiles to communities during its recent gift-giving activities. In the last quarter of 2023, volunteers converged at the Ascension of our Lord Parish in Parañaque, joined by partner organizations Genpact and Indian Women in Enterprise Philippines (IWE Philippines).

The most recent gift-giving event took place a couple of days before Christmas, with over 500 children in attendance. The day featured games, prizes, and storytelling led by TeamAsia President and Founder Monette Iturralde-Hamlin. Dream kits, containing school supplies collected through the campaign and donated by TeamAsians and other partners, were distributed to the children. There was also delicious and healthy food distributed to the children that was prepared “with love and care” by the IWE Philippines.  

“Since 2009, we have been visiting our partner communities, meeting children to hear their stories, and sharing our dream kits. We are thrilled that, after three years, we get to do this again and witness the joy on the faces of the children who receive our little gifts, inspiring them to strive and continue their education,” said TeamAsia Managing Director Bea Lim.

The education campaign continues to adapt to and address the changing and expanding education requirements of Filipino children, particularly through its collaboration with Yellow Boat of Hope. The partnership has raised funds to establish educational hubs in remote areas of the Philippines, supports and sends deserving scholars to schools, and remains committed to fostering meaningful connections, enabling the development of impactful programs that inspire children to stay in school and make their bigger dreams come true.

‘Beacon of hope’

For the past few months, My Dream In a Shoebox has given hope to underprivileged children in several communities in Luzon through its activities.

Aside from the one in Parañaque, other beneficiary communities were the Liberty Christian Baptist Church in Pasig, where a total of 675 dream kits were handed out; and the Sto. Nino de Baseco Parish in Manila where 100 dream kits were given out in partnership with the top 100 Filipinos and VB Consulting.

The Payatas Orione Foundation in Quezon City received a total of 530 dream kits, the Christ the King Parish got 500 dream kits, and the San Pedro Calungsod Parish was given 500 dream kits as well. 

“My Dream In a Shoebox has become a beacon of hope, illuminating the lives of underprivileged children with moments of joy and endless possibilities. Together, we've sown the seeds of dreams, nurturing a future filled with promise and potential,” said Lim.

The sponsors for these gift-giving activities included TeamAsia, Genpact, Willis Towers Watson, ANZ, Eastern Communications, IWE Philippines, E-Guardian Philippines, and Sandugo Magilas Elite Eagles Club. Willis Towers Watson also donated one educational hub.


About My Dream in a Shoebox

My Dream in a Shoebox is an annual education campaign spearheaded by TeamAsia that aims to equip less fortunate Filipino children with school supplies and tools that will help them reach for a brighter future. From the very beginning, My Dream in a Shoebox has been providing shoeboxes, (now called dream kits) filled with school supplies for children across the entire nation. For the past decade, these shoeboxes have served as the foundation of a brighter future—a future that they are yet to envision and pursue, only if they dream outside the box. These dreams may come in different shapes and sizes: finances, circumstances, or hope. For every pledge, we prepare our future leaders and movers of society to make their #BrighterRealities and #BiggerDreams come true.

About TeamAsia

TeamAsia is an award-winning strategic marketing agency that’s been creating and sustaining visibility since 1992. We build brand, community, and industries for positive business impact; and develop integrated marketing strategies for visible growth, reach, and engagement. We do this by exploring innovation to its fullest potential through our core services: Creatives, Digital, Events, and Public Relations.  

About Yellow Boat of Hope

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit organization in the Philippines and has a mission to ensure that every Filipino child has the means to experience a quality education. They provide solutions that allow these students to have daily access to schools, be given excellent teaching, and be exposed to broader horizons. They also have livelihood outreach programs that are able to support these children’s families. 

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