MORE Power shares Christmas joy for the Aeta Community

This holiday season, MORE Power embraced the spirit of giving by bringing smiles and festive cheer to Brgy. Lanit in Jaro, where they shared the magic of Christmas with the Aeta Community.

Amidst sweet smiles and bubbling excitement, MORE Power's team engaged with the indigenous Aeta people, hosting games, and giving out prizes, making sure each individual felt the warmth of the season.

The highlight was when the children penned their wishes, and MORE Power took it to heart. Each wish was fulfilled, thanks to the personal donation from every MORE Power employee and their children.

"MORE Power, thank you for everything," expressed Maricris Villalosendo.

Another unforgettable moment for both children and parents was the visit of Jollibee.

"We are truly happy and grateful because we felt the Christmas spirit. Not only our children but also us adults, seeing Jollibee, whom we usually only see on TV. And we're delighted that somehow, we got to eat what they call Jollibee," said Marina Castin.

But it didn't stop there. MORE Power's commitment to the community shone bright with a check donation handed to the Aeta Community's tribal leader, dedicated to supporting livelihood and community projects.

"We are very pleased because there are many places they could go, and they chose to come here and gave us gifts... This is a special gift; before they came, they asked the children about their wishes. The children spoke, and MORE Power actually bought those wishes," expressed the tribal leader, deeply moved by the thoughtful gestures.

The touching experience left a lasting impact on the residents, offering a moment of respite and support amidst their challenges.

"We chose the Aeta tribe because there are many children here, who really need help. This year and the coming years, we plan to continue giving to various communities," affirmed Sarah Diana Habacon, Human Capital Manager at MORE Power, showcasing their ongoing commitment to community welfare.

In the spirit of the season, MORE Power radiated the true essence of Christmas by spreading love, joy, and hope within the Aeta Community.

This marks the fourth year in which MORE Power conducts gift-giving to 10 selected charitable institutions to provide Christmas donations. And this year, one of them is the Ati Community in Lanit, Jaro.

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